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What began as a simple open source blogging platform has now transformed into the most widely used website CMS (content management system) in the world.  Wordpress is customizable, easy to use, and offers a wide range of 3rd party support.  However to the victor so goes the spoils and WordPress is no exception.  Wordpress based websites have become one of the largest and most popular targets of digital attacks and hackers everywhere creating a demand for higher security measures when using the platform.  Digital 1 is taking WordPress security to a whole new level using a new age approach to the platform using state of the art security tools and best practices to ensure that your website is safe from attacks and secure 24/7.

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eCommerce solutions that keep your web-store traffic safe.

It seems like every month we are reading about a customer database being hacked. Your eCommerce business relies on visitors being able to trust your website with their personal information and/or credit card information.  It is more important than ever that your business is doing everything it can to protect that information and make sure it is safely exchanged over the web.  Digital 1 eCommerce solutions create safe and secure online marketplaces that protect your customers from data theft and your company from costly data breaches.


A helping hand with WordPress Security from Digital 1.

It can be a little overwhelming when first attempting to increase security on your WordPress site. We’ve been down that rabbit hole and it can definitely be intimidating. To help out those who are new to website security as it relates to WordPress we put together a useful checklist.  Use this checklist to help you get your site on the right track and make sure you cover the basics of WordPress security. The best part?  It’s absolutely free from us at Digital 1.


Click below to download our ‘WordPress Security Checklist’!

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WordPress websites that pass PCI DSS 3.0 compliance scans.

WordPress security can be a tricky concept, especially when higher levels of security are required.  In the past, those with more advanced security needs and requirements turned away from open source content management systems like WordPress.  Instead they leaned on proprietary systems with more enhanced security already built in.  However, they would find that these Content Management Systems are extremely limited in a variety of ways.  Proprietary CMS’s limit the number of agencies that can support your site and offer limited support for 3rd party plugins and development. Also, because they are often created by a single agency they are quickly outdated in functionality and compatibility.  Digital 1 is bringing full PCI DSS 3.0 compliance, support, and maintenance to WordPress powered websites providing the highest level of security to the world’s #1 CMS.

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Secure servers optimized for the future, available 24/7.

Hosting is a very large and important piece of PCI DSS compliant websites. Proper server configuration is an essential and key piece of keeping your website secure and up-to-date with the latest compliance standards. Our servers are optimized for full PCI DSS 3.0 compliance and maintain a top tier grade (99.9% up-time). This ensures that your website is always safe, secure, and available 24/7, 365 days of the year.


Website Audit

The first step in the Digital 1 WordPress security process is to evaluate the current security environment that exists on your WordPress website.  This information can help your company identify vulnerabilities that hackers and other attackers can exploit.

If you’re interested in seeing if your website meets even the most basic of security requirements, let us do a free security audit to your website.  Click the link below to sign up, give us your site URL and some basic information, and we’ll email you the results.  A great evaluation tool at the fantastic price of FREE.

Get your FREE website audit now!
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Now that you’ve completed the free website audit, let’s take some time to review the audit and discuss possible collaboration.  We would love the opportunity to chat with you via video conference or phone call about ways to mitigate the vulnerabilities that were found on your WordPress site.

If you’ve completed the website audit, a representative from Digital 1 has more than likely already reached out to schedule a discovery call.  If they haven’t, please click below and get your call scheduled today and find out how we help you reduce risk on your website.

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We have now completed the website audit and had a conversation about the many things you could be doing to improve security on your WordPress site.  It’s time to put together a proposal for Digital 1 services to address the different vulnerabilities that have been identified and discussed in the audit and discovery processes.

Let us draft a proposal and send it your way.  It will outline specific problems with your site and propose solutions clearly and directly.  If the proposal is accepted, we will draft a service contract and get your site secure!

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Service & Support

After the contract is agreed upon and signed, it’s time for the fun to begin!  We will begin to execute the solutions outlined in the proposal and contract one by one until all vulnerabilities have been addressed, but that’s not all.  Continued support is a cornerstone of our company and core processes.

We will continue to address new threats, update your web software and mitigate new security risks associated with your site.  We will continue to be available to you for troubleshooting, help services and any other issues, questions, or comments you may have.

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